• It was a pleasure to freely offer to Montreal’s citizens and visitors our visual translator of parking
    signs for Montreal city via our iOS and Android mobile application Simple P.

    In the absence of funding, we have decided with regret to terminate our operation.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in offering similar services,
    we will be happy to share our knowledge.

    Simple P's team thanks you for your interest and support!

Visual Translator for Parking Signs

Legal Parking Spaces

Green and blue lines indicate legal parking spaces, be they free street parking or parking meters.

Parking Sign Information

Provides current parking sign and parking meter information for the selected part of the street.

Period of Time

Identifies legal parking spaces for the selected period of time.


Notifies you before any parking restrictions take effect for the selected parking space.

Locating Your Vehicle

Give directions to where your vehicle is currently parked.

Custom Settings

Shows legal parking options as per the options in your settings.


All street parking signs in one application.

Street Parking Signs

Indicates in green the sections of a street where parking is allowed for the selected time period.

Parking Meters

Indicates in blue the sections of a street with parking meters for the selected time period and the parking meter schedule.

Handicap Parking

Setting available to find parking spaces reserved for the handicapped.

Residential Parking Permits

Includes the schedule for the sections of a street reserved for residential parking permits. Search option based on parking permit number coming soon.

Snow Removing

Indicates in orange any changes to parking restrictions due to snow removal and offers notification of snow removal.

API Available

Allows these features to be integrated into a pre-existing application or service. Contact us for more information.


Two adopted Montrealers, originally from Saguenay, who want to simplify the urban parking experience


Seasoned technologist, explores inside to solve outside.


Manages life as a project to improve day to day efficiency.

Credits, attributions and thanks


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